17.10.2022 – 22.10.2022

Internationale Begegnung: Let’s Go Outside!

This exchange is all about nature and the outdoors. We go outside a lot for all kinds of workshops (such as bushcrafting, edible plants and wildpicking) and we do a lot of outdoor activities.

During this week you will follow workshops about bushcrafting, wild picking and edible plants. This is how you learn to survive in the wild. We also visit the climbing forest nearby. There will be many fun outdoor activities! You don’t want to miss this!

In the program there’s also the possibility to discover the city of Utrecht in the free time.

The international team will include 15 young people from all around Europe. Residents of all backgrounds, from any European country, will gather together in the beautiful naturefriends house in the Netherlands for a week of exchange.

The house is situated in the middle of the forest. There are several bathrooms and showers inside the house, there’s a big hall and a big kitchen. This makes it a perfect spot for group activities. Together we will cook and prepare the meals. Check it out: www.nivon.nl/accommodaties/koos-vorrinkhuis

This activity is part of the project "Naturefriends Houses - Hotspots of Democracy and Internationalism". Funded by


Datum: 17.10.2022 bis 22.10.2022
Reiseziel: Lage Vuursche, Niederlande
Unterbringung: Naturfreundehaus Koos Vorrink, Koudelaan 16, NL – 3749 AM Lage Vuursche
Anreise: Train station: Hollandsche Rading Then; Then take the bus 59 (to Zeist-Hilversum). Bus stop: Lage Vuursche; Walk 3 km (around 35 min) Check: 9292.nl/
Alter von: 18
Alter bis: 30
Preis: 75 Euro
Ermäßigung: 45 Euro für Mitglieder der Naturfreunde
Teilnehmer*innen: max. 15 Personen
Anmeldung bis: 10.10.2022
Anmerkungen: Veranstaltet von Nivon / NivonJong: nivonjong.nl

Tags: Internationale Jugendbegegnung, Internationales, Nachhaltig Reisen


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