Gran Pino 

The perfect youth space for exchanges, debates and creativtiy right at the meditareanian sea in an old pine wood. 

Gran Pino  

Surroundings : The Naturefriends house Gran Pino in Cecina, Italy is surrounded by nature. Just right next to the biggest Pine wood in Tuscany and 150 meters from the Mediterranean Sea you can find this unique place. Gran Pino is open only for members of the Naturefriends movement and offers close contact with nature as it is a unique place for calmness and international exchanges. It offers an alternative style of living by showing people on how to live together in an easy and creative way without being distracted by the influences of cities.  

The House: The house offers a spacious outdoor area with a volleyball field and barbeque place. It can accommodate up to 50 people in double -, triple or quadruple rooms with shared sanitary facilities. It offers internet connection and full board for its guests. Together with its meeting room it makes it the perfect place for international youth exchanges or seminars.  

Sustainability: The house has its own vegetable garden and uses them for cooking or other homemade products. Additionally, it has outdoor showers that are powered by their own solar energy.  

Gian-Gio: GIAN -Gio represents the Italian Young Naturefriends organisation, which is working on topics such as sustainability, green living, soft tourism, gardening, environment and outdoor activities. We are organising and participating in international activities and organise national meetings, which involve youngsters from all over Italy. Are you interested in these topics as well and you would love to get a glimpse of our work? Just contact us and join our activities and international exchanges in Gran Pino.  

More infromation about the house and the group who is hosting is can be found here.