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Our Naturefriends houses are diverse youth spaces for international exchange and fun, where everyone is welcome. Come and join our activities there.

Naturefriends Houses - Hotspots of Democracy and Internationalism

Naturefriends houses are places for global exchanges, living solidarity, debating political topics and shaping the socio-ecological transformation together.

Together with our sister organisations from Austria, Italy and the Netherlands, as well as our regional groups from Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Württemberg, we bring young people together in our Naturefriends houses across Germany and Europe. In each house you can join international youth exchanges.

The youth exchanges have different topics like naturesports, outdoor education, feminism, solidarity, nature protection etc. Would you love to join one of the youth exchanges? Just have a look at our houses and check out their and our website for more information. We are looking forward to your participation. 

Gran Pino

The perfect youth space for exchanges, debates and creativitiy right at the mediterranean sea in an old pine wood in Italy.


Koos Vorrinkhuis

Biking, bushcraft and eating pancakes in one place? All of this is possible at the Naturefriends house Koos Vorrinkhuis in the Netherlands.



In the valley of the danube river naturesports like hiking and canyoing are a self-evident part of the leisure time activities. So come and join us at the Naturefriends house Donautal in the south of Germany.


Kolm Saigurn

Hiking and skiing are the main outdoor sports here. Experience a unique interaction between nature and humans at the Naturefriends house Kolm Saigurn in Austria in the national park of Hohen Tauern.



A place for sports, enjoying nature and having political debates. Our lovely Naturefriends house Rahnenhof in the Palatinate Forest in west Germany offers exactly this.



Political debates, biking and hiking tours in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany are just some offers of the Naturefriends house Ebberg. Come and discover it on your own.


St. Andreasberg

The Naturefriends house St. Andreasberg is a sustainable place in the middle of the Harz mountains in Germany. It invites you for outdoor sports and education as well as political discussions. Come and visit us.


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