Meet and Travel 

Do you want to gain new experiences and discover the world? We offer camps, nature sports, and international gatherings. On our activities we respect nature and value diversity. There is no place for racism or any other kind of discrimination.

Travel sustainably 

Instead of taking the plane, we travel by bike or by bus and train. On site, we camp or stay in sustainable accommodations, such as our Naturefriends Houses. We eat organic food that is vegetarian or vegan. In our activities we take care for the nature and environment. 

Travel socially 

We understand diversity as an enrichment and not as a threat. On our trips we try to take everyone with us, no matter of their socio-economic background. We plan our international youth activities together with local partners. 

Travel together

The group is the focus of our trips. We plan the program, cook together and support each other with tasks and activities. Young team members accompany our youth trips on a voluntary basis. They are well trained and represent our ideas of sustainability, co-determination and solidarity. 

Travel around the world, look beyond borders and discover differences and similarities in conversation with your fellow travellers! 

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