Our umbrella organisation is called International Young Naturefriends (IYNF). The IYNF connects young people from Europe and beyond. The association was founded in 1975 and currently includes 28 member organisations.

United we stand. Together with Nature lovers from 28 countries, we have joined forces at IYNF and we demand for justice, solidarity, youth empowerment and environmental protection worldwide.

IYNF was established in 1975 and currently has 18 member and 14 partner organisations. With more than 120.000 young members organized in over a thousand local groups, it is one of the major European youth organizations.

In IYNF we deal with many different topics, such as peace and global understanding, equality, European integration and ecology. Our activities are planned on the principle of "green tourism"; a form of travel that respects nature and the local community. Through camps, seminars, trainings and exchange programs, IYNF brings together young people from different cultural backgrounds and promotes learning from each other. IYNF is not a political partisan organization, but that does not mean it is apolitical.

More informations at www.iynf.org