Become a youth leader 

You love to be on the road and want to accompany others in their experiences? Than join our training courses and learn how to lead camps and workshops. 

A youth leader is a person that leads and supports youth groups in youth exchanges and international training courses. A youth leader takes over responsibility for the well-being of the group. You will be working together with other youth leaders in a team and develop a programme for the group, based on non-formal education. You can also set a focus in your work and just work with the group on one specific topic.

International Youth Leader Qualifications

We offer an International Youth Leader Qualification twice a year in order to give you all the necessary tools as well as soft and hards skills to lead an international group. Our trainings are build on the German Juleica concept. From time to time we also offer the Juleica international as a basic qualification (more infos below). 

Topic and contents:

  • Working with international groups
  • Global communication
  • Supervision, liability and insurance globally
  • Planning of international activities
  • Specifications of international youth work 
  • Eduational approaches like Education for sustainable development 
  • Workshop facilitation 

In case you are ready to become an international youth leader, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Juleica Training Courses

We offer trainings according to fixed standards, where you can familiarize yourself with the basics of psychological and pedagogical support. You will learn a variety of methods that are fun and allow the participation of all fellow travelers. You will also gain confidence in questions of child and youth protection. 

Topics and contents of the training: 

  • Working in and with groups 
  • Supervision, liability and insurance 
  • Organization and planning 
  • Developmental processes in childhood and adolescence 
  • Life situation of children and youth 
  • Role and self-image of child and youth leaders 
  • Games of all kinds 

After completing the training, you will receive the nationally valid youth leader card for Juleica. This card demonstrates legally the proof of your qualification. It opens many doors for you and gives you discounts, for example at swimming pools, cinemas or accommodations. More information at 

The Youth Leader Card serves for the purposes below: 

  • For legitimation (proof of ability to responsibly organize activities with children and young people). 
  • To strengthen voluntary commitment in youth work 
  • As proof of the acquired qualification 
  • As proof of entitlement to various rights and benefits 

In order to continuously expand your knowledge, we also offer training and further education on current topics of adolescence and youth work such as participation, gender roles and gender mainstreaming, migration background and intercultural competence. 

How can I get involved after the qualification?

After the successful complementation of the course you will be able to try your newly gained skill within an international activitiy. Of course you will not be alone, you will always work in a team with experienced youth leaders. We also support you with methods on various topics and offer material for cooking at camps.