Become a Volunteer

There is a variety of causes that the world is in need of. As German Young Naturefriends, we offer opportunities to participate in civil society as change-makers.

Do you want to volunteer and gain an unforgettable experience abroad? But don't know how? Here is your dream ticket to your future plans: you can either join our office in Berlin as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer or participate in other NGOs across Europe and help them strive for their causes.  

Become a volunteer in Berlin

Every year German Young Naturefriends hosts one European Solidarity Corps volunteer to get involved in our Berlin office. As a volunteer in our office, you will have various experiences in the non-governmental organization field by focusing on the process of project management, policy-making and social betterment. Your main task will be to support one of our project officers in his/her/their project. You will participate in various workshops and events to represent us across Germany. Moreover, you will have a chance to develop your own project. 

During your volunteering here, you will always be guided by our team. Your voluntary program and tasks will be determined by our contact person. You’ll have weekly follow-up meetings. Moreover, German Young Naturefriends will be responsible for covering both practical and logistical aspects of your participation such as accommodation, language course, insurance and travel expenses. 

Applications are currently open. To apply, please send us a CV and a short video explaining why you would like to volunteer with us and what you think you can contribute to our work. Applications should be sent before 23rd March 2023 to vcgvagvmgvigvlgvlgvegv.gvhgvagvmgvogvngvØgvngvagvtgvugvrgvfgvrgvegvugvngvdgvegvjgvugvggvegvngvdgv.gvdgveg with the subject "ESC volunteering".

The volunteering will ideally start on 2nd May for one year.

Participant profile: 

  • You are interested in youth empowerment and international cooperation
  • You are interested in the NGO environment
  • You are interested in issues such as climate policy, social inclusion and public policy
  • You like teamwork and intercultural exchange - ideally, you already have previous experience in international youth exchanges, either as a participant or as a group leader
  • German is the working language in our office but we are happy to help you to improve your German. So, you should be ready to communicate with the team, our regional offices and other young people. 
  • As we have different projects with French-speaking partners, French language knowledge would be a strong asset
  • Most of the day-to-day work is done from our office in Berlin, and we occasionally travel to participate in our activities with young people. It is important that you are not afraid of office work, but you are also willing to participate in our events in Germany or abroad when the opportunity arises.

What will be covered? 

  • Monthly pocket money 
  • Monthly money for food expenses 
  • Accommodation 
  • Language support 
  • Travel costs 
  • Visa expenses

Become a volunteer around the world

If you would like to check out other opportunities that you can volunteer and go abroad with European Solidarity Corps, there are wide range of causes from teaching, care houses, environmentalism to handcrafts in various NGOs’ projects. As a volunteer, you can apply for a short-term project for up to 2 months and a long-term project for up to 12 months. Be wise when you are choosing your project, you can only participate once in both short-term projects and in long-term projects. Just have a look at the European Youth Portal.

What is required to apply?


Requirements may vary per project. However, you should prepare a resume and a motivation letter. Besides, you should be between 18 and 30 years old to be eligible. 

Once your application is affirmative, you will be contacted by your host organization either 

with an offer or with a request for an online interview. In either case, you will be asked to provide yourself with a supporting organization from your country of residence. This is where we take the lead. German Young Nature Friends will be glad to guide you during your journey. Just send us an eMail, then we will provide you with all you need.