30.04.2023 – 06.05.2023

cliMATEs - from local action to digital activism

Are you a youth worker or a young activist and interested to know how to make changes the way you want via the digital world? Would you like to dive deep into climate education, and climate justice and learn about the impact of climate change and digital immersion?

This event at the Tuscan seaside will enable you to stay close to nature, where the cliMATES can make digital actions together.

In the 6 days of this training course, you will be staying at the first Naturefriends-House in Italy, “Gran Pino”, learning how to protect nature while staying at a collective eco-tourism house with full catering and walks alongside the seaside.

CliMATEs aims at introducing a 360 view on the world of “digital activism”. The program is divided into two subtopics: climate education and digital action. It is defined to focus on several local activities, getting in touch with the local communities, and taking actions for climate justice within the local territory.

The locality of this training course is well-connected to these themes, as the territory is suffering from different industries taking advantage of natural and local resources.While the theme of the week is oriented on sustainability and climate action, on parallel you will gain soft skills via non-formal education.

CliMATEs is building the bridge between climate justice education and digital activism and its connections. It focuseson the impact of local actions on the global dimension and digital activism.

During the course of the youth exchange we are going to visit local examples of climate pollution and good practice examples of climate activism. During this time we will use the experience and knowledge gained through these to create digital activism among the topics seen during the visits. Don’t worry if you are not that keen with digital activism yet as you will get an introduction and all the tools you will need. From design-thinking to language up-skilling, you will be immersed in an international activity with participants from over 6 different nationalities. Don’t worry we will also have some fun at this lovely location in Italy and you will be able to enjoy your time at the sea side.

Veranstaltung im Rahmen des Projektes "Naturefriends Houses - Hotspots of Democracy and Internationalism". Gefördert durch


Datum: 30.04.2023 bis 06.05.2023
Reiseziel: Italien
Unterbringung: GIAN Sez. Gran Pino Via Guerrazzi, 110 57023 CECINA LI www.granpino.it/it/, Naturefriends-House with rooms from 2 persons to 8 persons
Anreise: Arrival 30/04 till 17:00 o’clock, check out 06/05 till 17:00 o’clock
Alter von: 16
Alter bis: 27
Preis: 65-95 Euro (the ratio allows the participant to decide upon their financial contribution)
Ermäßigung: 45 Euro – for naturefriend members (with the possibility of reduction for solidarity reasons); Naturefriend members are anyone with an annual membership fee to any of the global nature friend movement.
Teilnehmer*innen: 22
Anmeldung bis: 1.3.2023
Anmerkungen: Travel expenses up to 275Euro can be reimbursed Green traveling (train, bus) will be reimbursed up to 320Euro. Our solidarity community will help if you can't afford the
expenses on spot.

Operators are GIAN-GIO (www.giangiovani.com) and Naturfreundejugend Deutschlands

Tags: Internationales, Internationale Jugendbegegnung, Klimaschutz


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