German Young Naturefriends

We operate in different regional and local groups. Many of our events take place in one of our 400 houses that are spread all across the country.

Experience Nature

Whether an urban gardening project or climbing rocks - nature is our first priority. With our German slogan “Berg frei!“ we fight for free access to nature since 1895.

Travel with Friends

We offer camps, city trips and international gatherings. With us, no one is left alone. We plan and organise all our programmes ourselves - and we take them on together!

Youth gets involved

We get engaged. There is no place for sexism, racism or homophobia at our events. We value diversity and we
go for colourful and active groups of young people. Together we explore new forms of living in solidarity and young politic initiatives.

For any questions feel free to contact our national office in Berlin.

Justice and Solidarity

As an independent youth organisation, we get engaged on questions of justice, stand up for the rights of children and fight for a sustainable transformation of society. Democracy and participation are at the heart of our educational work.

Strengthen youth participation

Young people need to be enabled to take part in political decision-making. We demand: do not talk about them, talk with them! That is why we organise regional, national and international summits at which they can discuss with politicians directly.

Connect and Inspire

Our umbrella organisation is called International Young Naturefriends (IYNF). The IYNF connects young people from Europe and beyond. The association was founded in 1975 and currently includes 28 member organisations. More informations at

Stop Climate Change

The ongoing global climate change threatens our basis of existence. Therefore, we take a stand for a sustainable lifestyle and a consistent climate policy. In our everyday life as well as during our camps and events, we try to avoid waste and emissions.

Overcome borders

We fight for dismantling social and national borders, because for us solidarity is limitless. Walls do not have a future. The good life should be accessible for everyone. We represent a common Europe for social justice and liberal democracy.
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