Volunteering in Berlin

Join the European Solidarity Corps, come to Berlin and help us strengthen our international network! Apply for your voluntary project in our federal office. The team of German Young Naturefriends is looking foreward to meet you!

The next voluntary service starts in November 2020. You can apply for the project until October, 1st of 2020. It is free of charge for you. Travelling, housing, food and German language course are provided.

As part of your oneyear commitment, you get to know German Young Naturefriends in depth. You will take part in
numerous events organized by the association at various levels. you will serve as an ambassador of European and international Solidarity and inform about possibilities of engagement. You will be the contact person for young activists and encourage them to involve in the exchange between different groups. After a period of familiarization, you will be responsible for drawing up and holding workshops for young people interested in international youth work and the European Solidarity Corps. you will offer them at events of the regional associations, such as at regional conferences or tent camps. The tasks will also include intensive communication via social media.

During your year in Berlin you will expand your knowledge of international youth work and the European Solidarity Corps. You will help us to attract young participants to our international activities and help them to become active within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps. Through your work the exchange between committed young people from different countries within the network of the International Young Naturefriends will be intensified.

The Federal Office of the German Young Naturefriends has extensive experience in project management. As usual, your voluntary service is organized jointly by full-time employees and volunteers. The federal office of the German Young Naturefriends is responsible for all practical and logistical aspects such as accommodation, language course, insurance and travel of the volunteer. A full-time employee is available as a central contact for all parties involved.

As German is the working language in our office, you should already speak German. You need at least a lower intermediate (B1) level of German. As we have project partners in French speaking African countries, a good knowledge of French is very much appreciated.

Apply now. Register for the European Solidarity Corps europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en and send your personal registration number to 2e52v52s52Ø52n52a52t52u52r52f52r52e52u52n52d52e52j52u52g52e52n52d52.52d52e52.5