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Start with Yourself

08.05.2018 – 13.05.2018

The activity “Start with Yourself” puts a special focus on Betzavta*, a groundbreaking approach to civic education via experiential learning.
Join our activity and learn innovative and effective tools for addressing topics such as freedom, equality, inclusion and democracy.

‘Start with Yourself’ features an innovative non-formal educational method, where participants reflect upon their own attitudes, biases and behaviors, and its consequences in real life situations. Through a constant involvement in learning from (often dilemma-based) emerging situations, the participants become increasingly aware of their own behaviour and its potential discrepancies from the mental image they have about themselves.


The learning process will stem out of experiences, feelings and perceptions coming from the group, as participants will be exposed to conflict situations and be stimulated towards their resolutions. Rather than providing definite answers, participants will have chance to create their own situations challenging their everyday behavior, and transform these adventures into learning experience. Initially created as a conflict resolution methodology, Betzavta can be used by participants in their own lives, both on personal and professional level.

After this activity you will be able to:

Participants in this activity will also have the chance to help develop a manual on the Betzavta method, which will be based on the outcomes of the activity. The manual will include theoretical explanations, sample activities and guidelines for good practice as well as individual reflection of the participants.

Practical info:

“Start with Yourself” is especially designed for youth workers, young leaders and volunteers with interest and experience in social awareness topics and civic education. This activity is open for representatives of IYNF Member and Partner organizations, volunteers and e-volunteers. IYNF also welcomes representatives of other youth organizations that share the values of IYNF and are willing to learn and replicate the knowledge of the activity among their peers.

Previous involvement in IYNF and experience in the topics of the project are an advantage.

The event will be organized by the International Young Naturefriends. Application and more information at


Datum: 08.05.2018 bis 13.05.2018

Reiseziel: Cecina, Italy

Unterbringung: Naturefriends House ‘Gran Pino’

Anreise: 60 % der Reisekosten werden erstattet

Preis: kostenfrei Euro

Anmerkungen: The event will be organized by the International Young Naturefriends. Application and more information at

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